Meet the Team

Teacher Teaching Assistant
Headteacher Mrs Helen Bearman
Class 1 Mrs Sarah Meyrick Mrs Donna Ford
Mrs Michelle Parks
Class 2 Mrs Nikki Cuthill Mrs Marion Colebrooke
Class 3 Mr Courtenay Caston Mrs Rebecca Smith
Mrs Michelle Parks
Class 4 Miss Rebekah Redford /
Mr Thomas Lloyd-Edwards
Mrs Gay Stanbury
Class 5 Mr John Hall-Galley Mrs Kirsty O’Leary
Science Co-ordinator

Outdoor Learning

Mrs Rebecca Gale

Mrs Gay Stanbury

Mentoring/ Nurture Mrs Marion Colebrooke KS1
Mrs Georgina Astley KS2 and Mental Health Champion
After School Club Mrs Donna Ford

Ms Eve O’Connor

Mrs Emily Harrod

Office Staff

Mrs Diane Knight - Office Manager

Dr David Hibberd - IT technician

Premises Staff

Mrs Tracy Hindry - Caretaker

Mr Mike Bearman - Caretaker

Mrs Kim Platton - Cleaner

Midday Supervisors

Mrs Marion Colebrooke

Mrs Rebecca Smith

Mrs Michelle Parks

Mrs Donna Ford

Kitchen Staff

Mrs Tracy Hindry – Cook

Mrs Kerry Clarke – Assistant

Breakfast Club

Mrs Kerry Clarke

The school is fortunate to have lots of regular parent helpers too.