Outdoor Learning

Aldborough Primary is fortunate to be surrounded by extensive school grounds, providing an abundance of outdoor space for children to explore and play. They have the space to run,  loving the chance to work together building shelters in the woods or using the natural resources to be creative.

During our children’s first year at school, weekly outdoor learning sessions provides them with excellent opportunities to learn whilst playing. Their confidence and friendships grow significantly as they enjoy a wide range of activities, including story time in the woods.

At the rear of the school we have a large field that is regularly used for sports, as well as an outdoor classroom (bird hide) and pond. These facilities have been developed considerably in recent years with the addition of a school garden, trim trail and an additional outdoor shelter.

Having such great outdoor facilities at Aldborough, means that we can make the most of outdoor learning opportunities across the curriculum. We have a wide variety of nature on our doorstep, supporting children’s appreciation and understanding of the world around them.