Useful Science Websites

Natural History Museum

Science Museum


Key Stage 1


Five Excellent Experiments to try out-CBeebies


Key Stage 2

National Geographic Games   Try out these quizzes see if you can beat your score.

Ducksters Science    This is great for facts and revision of topics.

BBC Bitesize

What is a variable?   Listen to this song and find out by clicking here.


Earth And Space

Stargazing Live Download your own stargazing pack

Little Stargazers The Moon     Watch this clip and find out about the moon

The Sun and the Stars   What is the sun?

Brian Cox-The Planets  Watch these clips and find out about the ice worlds in our solar system



Flowering Plants  Read these facts then try out the quiz below.

Parts of a Plant    Play this game and revise the parts of a plants.

Evergreen and Deciduous trees song  We enjoy singing this in class 1.


Water Cycle

GO noodle-water cycle

Water Cycle song  What are all the types of precipitation?

What is the water cycle?


Evolution and Inheritance

Dippy on tour

Tree of Life   David Attenborough watch how living organisms evolved.

Mary Anning  Who was she and why was she so important?

Mary Anning the Fossil Hunter

Charles Darwin National History Musuem