Class 5

Mr Hall-Galley

We are really looking forward to this half-term in Class 5. Our reading lessons for this half-term will be based on the book Holes by Louis Sachar. As well as being a captivating read, the book is centred heavily upon the concept of tolerance and the powerful role of friendship and kindness: important qualities for our class as we navigate our way through the academic year and beyond. Our writing focus for the first half of Autumn 2 will be to write our own balanced arguments; we will be analysing the controversy around the upcoming World Cup in Qatar and exploring both sides of the argument as to whether a boycott of the tournament would be justified. As Santa’s annual visit draws closer and the decorations begin to appear, we will switch our attention to narrative writing: the children will be creating their own ‘warning tale’ around the idea of curses and fate, similar to that which befell Stanley Yelnats in Holes. In Maths, we will be turning our attention towards the division, multiplication, addition and subtraction of fractions, including the conversion of fractions into mixed numbers and vice versa. Our geographical focus this half-term is on the UK and its counties and cities. We will begin the unit by ensuring that the children are able to name, locate and describe the position of the major counites and cities in the UK, using the 8-point compass. As we move further into the unit of work, we will be comparing the physical and human geography of Norfolk with that of the country of Peru. PE will see Class 5 begin their gymnastics unit of work and Mrs O’Leary will be continuing her transformative art lessons, this time looking at how the material of clay can be manipulated in different ways for artistic effect.