Class 5

Mr Hall-Galley

We have another busy half-term in Class 5, as we continue towards preparing the children for the next stage of education. Our reading focus for this half-term is the wonderful Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson. The book is full of brilliant descriptive language that we will be learning and applying to our writing when we write our own journey stories. Our non-fiction genre for this half-term is explanation texts; we will be studying the Amazon River and trying to understand why it is so important to the world. Our topic for this half-term is water, water everywhere. In this topic we will be finding out more about the world’s oceans and continents, as well as developing our map-reading skills, including topography. In addition to practising the four operations in maths, we will be looking at perimeter, area and volume; ratio and proportion, and taking our first voyage into the wonderful world of algebra! In art, Mrs O’Leary will be exploring the area of architecture, whilst our PE focus is on teamwork, via the sport of Netball. All in all, a busy half-term, which we are thoroughly looking forward to.