Class 5

Mr Hall-Galley

We have another busy half-term ahead of us in Class 5 and we are very much looking forward to lots of learning and fun as we count down to Christmas! In our reading lessons this half-term, we will be studying William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. We will analyse the text via the mediums of reading, drama and writing and will be trying to determine whether Macbeth was destined to his fate or in control of his own misfortune! Other writing units in this half-term will enable the children to practise skills in persuasive writing and report writing before we compose our very own warning tales (Beware MacDuff!).

It is a crucial half-term in Maths as we really hammer down on the key concepts of multiplication and division. The children will be working intensively to hone both mental and written strategies in an area that underpins so much of their future maths education. Following on from our multiplication and division work, we will begin to dive into (whisper it quietly) fractions!

In science this half term, we will be looking at the topic of light and space.  As you can imagine, these are both vast and complex areas of science and we will be focusing on the initial building blocks of knowledge and understanding necessary for the children to further develop as they move through high school.  In terms of light, we will be thinking about what light is, where it comes from and some of its basic properties. This will link in to thinking about night and day and the relationship between our planet, the sun and the moon. We will also learn about our solar system and continue to expand our disciplinary knowledge through our science enquiry work. We are also very much looking forward to our whole school space day on November 8th!

In addition to the core subjects, we have lots to look forward to in our foundation subjects too. In geography, we will be conducting an in-depth study by comparing a region of the UK with a country in Europe. We will explore the key similarities and differences in terms of human and physical geography and how these impact upon life in the different areas. In PE, we will be using activities and team games to develop our teamwork and leadership skills. In music, we will be looking at the work of composer Felix Mendelssohn and using his composition to inspire our very own class piece using pitch, texture and dynamics. Our French lessons will explore the technical aspects of verb agreement and adjectival structure via the topic of monster pets and in art and design, the class will be delving deeper into the realm of 3D installation art with the wonderful Mrs O’Leary! So much to pack in – thou shalt be just about ready for your mince pies and decorations by the end of the term, Class 5!