Aldborough Primary School – a non-school uniform school.

Our school is a non-school uniform school.  This reflects our core value of individuality and our ethos as a rural primary school.  Below are our expectations for the children’s clothes:

  • Children should wear comfortable, suitable clothes with sensible shoes which are ‘fit for purpose’.
  • No flip flops, Crocs, open/bare shoulders, ‘hot pants’ style shorts or ‘belly tops’, ripped jeans or football kit.
  • In the warm weather all open toed sandals must be worn with socks.
  • From September 2024 hoodies are not allowed in school.  Parents are encouraged to buy a school sweatshirt which can be worn for PE and as everyday wear in school.  Branded logos should be kept to a minimum.
  • The only jewellery allowed in school is one pair of stud earrings.  Children should only wear plain alice bands (no cat’s ears etc please)
  • All clothing should be clearly labelled – Name tags are great but writing in permanent marker pen on the label or inside of clothing will do the job just as well.  This saves parents’ time rummaging through the lost property bin!

All children take part in PE.  The children in Key Stage 2 come into school in their PE kits on the day they do PE.  Key Stage 1 and EYFS children will need a PE bag which is left in school for each half term.  Our PE kit is: white T-shirt, plain dark navy or black shorts,  plain dark navy or black jogging/tracksuit bottoms, (school) sweatshirt/tracksuit top and trainers. The children will need this kit throughout their time at Aldborough.  Children should not wear earrings on their PE days or when they go swimming.

The children will also need wet weather gear for their Forest School day which will include extra welly socks.  This will be outlined to each class individually.

The Governors will review the non-school uniform policy every year.  The most recent review was in Spring 2024.