Pupil Premium

What is the Pupil Premium?

The Pupil Premium Grant is additional funding provided to schools for supporting more disadvantaged pupils to ensure they benefit from the same opportunities as all other children.

There are three categories of children that qualify for pupil premium:

  • Children who are eligible for free school meals (FSM) or who have been entitled over the last six years
  • Looked after children (LAC/ children in public care) and Post Looked After Children.
  • Armed forces children

Our School Vision:

  • To enable all young people to develop and achieve their full potential, regardless of background or barrier.
  • To develop a love of lifelong learning, specifically reading for pleasure, fostering enjoyment in coming to school.
  • To encourage all pupils to be resilient, responding positively to challenge, developing a ‘can do’ approach to life.
  • To support social and emotional understanding, enabling children to develop caring, respectful relationships.
  • To broaden the experiences of disadvantaged children.
  • To identify all possible barriers to children’s learning, taking swift action to support and remove the barriers.
  • To systematically track progress and attainment of pupils eligible for funding, reviewing the impact of actions to ensure that they are appropriate.
  • To ensure that the attainment gap between our small group of disadvantaged children and non-disadvantaged children is diminished.