A word from a child…

‘Are you looking for a brilliant school? Does your child want a really unique school that has a gigantic obstacle course outside? If the answer is yes, visit this great school today! You will find us amongst the trees.

We have a cleverly designed trim trail for children to play on every break time.  We also have a beautiful tennis court for people to play football and basketball on each half.  We lastly have brilliant cooks who make fresh food. We also have a lovely pond for our Forest School.

There are exciting trips for your child to learn outside the classroom.  Experiments in Science will create moments for your child that they will never forget! Professional P.E teachers deliver sessions like karate.  Our school is a very effective place at ‘sticking learning in your head’.

Aldborough School is an excellent, brilliant and five star education for your child!

Come and visit us soon.’

By a year 3 child.