Science Curriculum outline for Spring half term 1 2023


In this half term, we will begin by recapping our work on rocks from before Christmas and think about linking this to the new humanities topic on Ancient Egypt.  To complete this area of the science curriculum, we will then look at soil, including composition and differences, involving lots of practical work!

Once complete, we will think about why we need soil and the role it plays in plant growth, before considering all the other things that plants need; carrying out lots of fair tests to prove our ideas. We will then complete our half term by looking at how the needs of plants vary and how plants adapt to different environments, going full circle back to ancient Egypt.


In Key Stage 1 this half term, we will be getting nautical! The children will be looking at Henry Blogg and Horatio Nelson as their humanities topic and we will link with this by thinking about sinking and floating and the best materials to make a boat.  We will also be thinking about plants that grow by the sea and, as spring approaches, begin to think about plants that grow in the spring time. We are also hoping to take a trip to the seaside!