Engendering a love of reading is at the heart of the curriculum at Aldborough.

We place a huge importance on reading high quality texts from the moment the children enter the building. Every morning parents of the children in classes 1, 2 and 3 are encouraged to come into the Learning Street or library and share books with their children until the beginning of morning school. On Wednesdays, thanks to many parent volunteers and excellent teacher notes, all children spend the first lesson, divided into small groups, reading a text with an adult. The text is chosen for its literary merit and the group read and discuss it, very much as adults attending a book group would do.

Close links with the North Norfolk Children’s Book Centre (NNCBC) ensure the children have access to newly published books as well as regular access to author visits. They provide us with book browsing opportunities as well as regular storytelling sessions. Children can purchase stamps every Wednesday in the Learning Street so they can save to buy a book on the next NNCBC storytelling day.

Children also enjoy regular individual reads supported by an army of parent helpers, and every other week, in whole school reading assemblies, they can choose to hear a story read from a selection offered by members of staff.  They make the choice based on a brief introduction and even the newest children at the school do this with independence and confidence.


We are proud to say that the reading results at Aldborough in KS2 have for many years been very good. This is because we work on reading skills, with real, well written books, over the course of the children’s school years - we send children to high school having read and shared at school many, many great texts. Our work has been praised by the government minister Rt Hon Nick Gibb MP and our school has been used by the UEA as a model of good practice in its graduate training programme.