Class 5

Mrs Morgan

ENGLISH: This half term is going to be very busy for Class 5 (what else is new!) As well as completing our work on Richard 111 and performing a version of Shakespeare’s play, we are going to use our visit to the Houses of Parliament as a context for some of our written work. Obviously school camp and preparing for Leavers’ assembly will be a significant part of the term for the Year 6’s.

MATHS: In Maths we will be revising the 4 rules and continuing investigations including a rather messy one involving baked beans.

ART: Speaking of mess the art focus on the work of Jackson Pollack and Mark Rothko as we look at the abstract expressionists and their influence on contemporary art.

SCIENCE/ICT: Dr Doak is coming into school to work on robotics with the children and Mrs Cuthill will deliver Science.

FRENCH: French resumes this term with Mrs O’Malley.

PE: Premier Sport will continue to teach Athletics on Tuesday afternoons. We also plan to do lots of PE and games to prepare for sports day. There is a special archery taster session in July.