Class 4

Mr Barnard/Mrs Cuthill

ENGLISH: We will be finishing off our work with The Jungle Book in the first two weeks of this half term focussing on diary and letter writing and the grammatical processes needed to complete these styles. Our continued work on the use of more complex vocabulary in our writing will be focussed upon to ensure we all P2S. We will then be immersing ourselves with the World Cup and using this as the vehicle to further progress our understanding of story and report writing with the potential to enter a national competition with our work (parental consent permitting).

MATHS: This half term we will be returning to the four operations and place value as our focus ensuring that we are secure with our understanding of the mental and written methods to help support our increasing mathematical knowledge. We will also be using Times Tables Rockstars to support the children’s times tables knowledge, as well as the ongoing continued support at home with this skill. I hope that all children will be able to share the sense of achievement by completing their challenge set at Christmas.

SCIENCE: Mrs Cuthill will be leading this subject and looking at Teeth. She will be completing many interesting and inspiring experiments including one with egg shells and a variety of liquids that may just change what drinks your children wish to drink.

HUMANITIES: Class 4 will be continuing to look at Sikhism in the first couple of weeks and then the World Cup fever will take us on a journey around all the participating countries to find out all about them and increase our worldly knowledge.

PE: This half term will be Athletics on a Tuesday afternoon. We will also be practising our throwing and jumping skills on our Friday session for the first few weeks in preparation for Sports Day and also look to participate in team games such as rounders and cricket as well as some PSHE mindfulness activities. A taster archery session will take place in July.