Class 3

Mr Hall-Galley

This half-term in class 3, our topic we will be exploring both historical and geographical factors related to the topic of the Vikings. We will be finding out who the Vikings were, where they originated from and whether the Vikings’ reputation as violent brutes is justified or if they were simply misunderstood! We will be focusing upon the Anglo-Saxon resistance that awaited the Vikings by zooming in on some key events, such as the Viking raid of Lindisfarne. Finally, we will be looking at the Vikings’ legacy in Britain, with a particular focus upon East Anglia.  Our Art and Design lessons will also be heavily influenced by the Vikings as we attempt to draw, design, and make our very own Viking Longboats! In RE we will be learning about the oldest religion in the world - Hinduism. We will be learning about the beliefs that Hinduism is based upon; and how these beliefs influence the lives of people and communities that practice Hinduism.

In English our first unit of work will be based around the ‘Princess and the Pea’ by Lauren Child. We will be looking at the features of the text by deconstructing it and zooming in on the key plot points within the story. We will be focusing upon writing at sentence level and on expanding our vocabulary by identifying synonyms for key words and ideas within the traditional tale. At the end of the unit, we will be writing our very own traditional tale, using the structure of ‘Princess and the Pea’ to help us develop our own plot points and ideas. We hope to embed our knowledge of adjectives, nouns, verbs and adverbs and to develop our use of expanded noun phrases and conjunctions.  Our non-fiction unit will have a strong PSHE element to it as we focus upon instruction writing.  Our key text will be ‘My Strong Mind’ by Niels Van Hove and we will be constructing a set of instructions to help us develop mental resilience when faced with difficult challenges. Our grammar focus for this unit will be on Imperative (bossy) verbs and on ensuring that our instructions are clear and concise. Finally, we will be delving into the realms of poetry as we write our own Autumnal-based verses.

We will begin our half-term of Maths by re-capping and expanding our knowledge of place value. We will be practising how to say and write numbers up to 1,000 and on partitioning numbers into 100s, 10s and 1s. We will be exploring the importance of the number 10 within our numerical system and examining the different ways in which different numbers can be represented. After this, we will be developing our addition and subtraction skills. We will use our partitioning skills to help make seemingly difficult calculations much easier and will identify how we can use addition to help with subtraction and vice versa. Throughout the course of the school year there will be a focus upon multiplication tables. Knowing the times tables is the key to unlocking so many areas of maths and the children will need to practise these regularly both in school and at home. For this reason, the children will be completing weekly ‘speed table’ activities.

Our PE focus this half term is on Gymnastics and Cricket. In Gymnastics, the children will be developing their balance skills and on how they can extend their limbs to support their balanced stances. On Fridays, we will be making the most of the remaining good weather (what good weather, I hear you ask!) and developing our fielding, bowling, and batting skills in Cricket.  In Computing we will be learning how to write programmes using the SCRATCH website. Finally, we are once again blessed to be joined by Mrs Cuthill for Science; the scientific focus for this half-term will be on the structure and function of plants.