Class 3

Mr Care

English: This half term we will be learning about Roald Dahl and we will be writing some gruesome stories in the style of the beloved author. Many of the children have read Fantastic Mr Fox and Matilda this year, which will no doubt be a huge help with their writing. I can also highly recommend reading George’s Marvellous Medicine as this will form the basis of part of our stories.

Maths: This will be focused on shapes and angles. This will include work on right-angles, acute and obtuse angles and drawing 2D and 3D shapes (with rulers). However, we will also be revisiting: time, fractions and weekly times tables will continue to be sent home. Being able to recall times tables quickly and accurately greatly supports children with their calculations. Due to popular demand, Mr Care will be hosting an after school maths session for Class 3 parents to discuss new methods taught this year.

Science: Our topic for this half term will be Plants and their habitats. This will be taught by Mr Care on Wednesdays as Mr Barnard will be taking PE on Thursdays, which is a small change to our timetable. We will be learning the parts of a plant, how plants reproduce, what plants need to survive and how plants are adapted to different habitats.

Humanities: Local history work will be centred around the Paston family, and will involve work with the Paston Heritage Society and the UEA. Children will learn about the history of Norfolk while using local maps to identify places connected with the Paston family. Later in the term, we will hopefully have a class trip linked with this topic (more details to follow).

Art: Linked with our history topic, we will explore coats of arms and design our own. Also, we will explore the illustrations of Quentin Blake through our Roald Dahl work.