Class 3

Mr Care

ENGLISH: During this half term, we will journey from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age. We will begin by studying newspaper reports and our teaching will be based around the brilliant book The Stone Age Sentinel by Paul Dowswell and Fergus Fleming. Our story - Stig of the Dump by Clive King - will continue to be read in our story time each day. Once we have become confident with writing newspaper articles, we will learn to write a set of instructions and then finish the half term by studying poetry, widening our descriptive language.

MATHS: We will be studying graphs, before moving on to place value and finishing with addition and subtraction strategies (including an introduction to column method). Added to this, it will be very helpful if children are given support at home with learning to tell time (in analogue and digital formats), as we will also be practising this throughout the half term.

HUMANITIES: How did life change from the Stone Age to the Iron Age? Why was Iron so important? What ended the Iron Age? These are all questions that we will attempt to answer as we bring our topic to a close.

RE: Festivals of Light- Jewish festival of Hanukkah.

ART: We will be creating our own Stonehenge, Celtic artefacts and artwork themed around Hanukkah.

SCIENCE/MUSIC: This year science and music will be taught by Mrs Cuthill. Magnets will be this half term’s topic. This will include: identifying magnetic and non-magnetic materials, making predictions, devising tests and discussing ways magnets are used in everyday life.