Class 2

Mr Caston

ENGLISH: This half term we will be immersing ourselves in the book ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’. We will make potion adverts, write nonsense poems and diary entries which will link to different chapters of the story.

MATHS: We will be consolidating our understanding of time on digital and analogue clocks. Children will learn the difference between capacity and volume and make practical measurements when making their ‘Wonderland Potions’. We will also begin to learn our 3 and 4 times tables in preparation for next year.

SCIENCE: Would you drink the shrinking potion? Our Science work will include learning the importance of being safe around medicines. We will also investigate forces including speed, strength and gravity. We will investigate how different forces can change the shape and properties of everyday materials.

HUMANITIES: We will study the life of Lewis Carroll and the impact the Industrial Revolution had on aspects of his career. We will use Geographical landmark terminology ‘valleys’, ‘cliffs’, ‘beach’, ‘mountains’ etc. to create our own Wonderlands.

PSHE: Our values this half term are Resilience & Perseverance. Linking to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party we will be thinking about manners and which rules we would like at our own table.

ART/DT/MUSIC: In Art we will be finishing our African masks, before beginning a DT topic on puppets. This will link to the ‘Cinderella’ production by the puppet theatre. We are hoping that Class 2 will be making an exciting trip to Capital Culture Gallery to see the exhibition of original block prints of the illustrations in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Sir John Tenniel. We will create a Wonderland song using a range of instruments.

COMPUTING: Children will use a sketching programme to create their own illustrations for a chapter from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. We will also record videos for our potion adverts.