Class 2

Mr Caston

This half term Class 2 will be trying to warm up with a topic to answer the question of ‘What happened during the Great Fire of London?’ We will begin with a week of Poetry work to use our knowledge of different word types to write fantastic firework poems ready for 5th November.

ENGLISH: We will be creating our own story maps after learning to perform an oral story that we have written together as a class. Linked to our history work on the Great Fire of London, we will imagine that we are there through some hot seating and interviewing – see us become journalists from 1666! By writing our own diary entries we will use first person and include thoughts and feelings about a scary event. Our findings will be presented in a newspaper article.

MATHS: We will work on addition and subtraction word problems, length and measure and interpreting and constructing graphs.

ART/DT: Firework Art and constructing of the front of a Tudor house will see us fully immerse ourselves in our Topic and hopefully inspire some future Historians! Geographers will enjoy learning about the city of London and how it compares to where we live. All of the above will be accompanied by us learning how to sing ‘London’s Burning’ as a round.

RE: Festival of Light – Christmas/Christingle/candles

PE/GAMES: Gymnastics

SCIENCE: Exploring Sound