Class 1

Mr Barnard

ENGLISH: We will start by reading, writing and performing firework poems then winter themed poems. This will help to build our bank of describing words linked to seasonal changes. After this we will create storymaps linked to Christmas stories (Little Robin Red Vest, Baboushka, Christmas nativity story) and will do some oral storytelling with actions. Year 1s will retell traditional stories, writing linked sentences, using capital letters and full stops correctly.

Speaking and listening skills will be developed during our performance in the KS1 Nativity at the end of term.

MATHS: We will begin by working on 2D shapes, naming and sorting them in different ways. We will be comparing the number of sides and vertices. After this we will move onto measuring work where we will measure and compare lengths. Year 1s will solve simple length problems, using addition and subtraction using numbers to 20.

SCIENCE: Seasonal changes/Use of everyday materials


Questions to inspire our learning:

What does Autumn look like? What happens in the Winter? What does Christmas look like for me?

PE/GAMES: Gymnastics plus Dance

PSHE: Making Friends/Good Choices

Please ensure that your child has spare clothes (especially trousers). It really helps if they can confidently dress themselves to ensure that we maximise PE time.