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  • Whole School: AFRICA WEEK
  • Paul Jackson African Storytelling assembly and group session
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        1Treat Friday - Sweet BagsTreat Friday - Sweet Bags Y5 & Y6 Flint Street Nativity @ AHSY5 & Y6 Flint Street Nativity @ AHS 2 3
4 5 6 7Family Learning AfternoonFamily Learning AfternoonChristmas Art and Craft 8Norman Lamb MP Visit a.m.Norman Lamb MP Visit a.m. 9 10
11 12Y6 RaffleY6 Raffle Panto Performance
2:00 pm
Panto PerformanceTime: 2:00 pm
13Panto Performance
7:00 pm
Panto PerformanceTime: 7:00 pm
14KS1 Nativity Dress Rehearsal to SchoolKS1 Nativity Dress Rehearsal to School Christmas DinnerChristmas Dinner Panto Performance
7:00 pm
Panto PerformanceTime: 7:00 pm
15KS1 Nativity Performance to Parents
9:30 am
KS1 Nativity Performance to ParentsTime: 9:30 am
Friends of Aldborough Christmas Fayre
2:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Friends of Aldborough Christmas FayreTime: 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm
16 17
18Class Christmas PartiesClass Christmas Parties 19Christmas Jumper DayChristmas Jumper DayDonations to Save the Children Christmas Talent Show
11:00 am
Christmas Talent ShowTime: 11:00 am
20Christmas HolidayChristmas Holiday 21Christmas HolidayChristmas Holiday 22Christmas HolidayChristmas Holiday 23Christmas HolidayChristmas Holiday 24Christmas HolidayChristmas Holiday
25Christmas HolidayChristmas Holiday 26Christmas HolidayChristmas Holiday 27Christmas HolidayChristmas Holiday 28Christmas HolidayChristmas Holiday 29Christmas HolidayChristmas Holiday 30Christmas HolidayChristmas Holiday 31Christmas HolidayChristmas Holiday
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