School Sport Grant

Olympic Legacy Sports Funding 2015/ 2016/17

In 2013 the government made an announcement to invest £150M in school sport over the academic years 2013/4 and 2014/15. Monies actually arrived later so the provision continued to the end of summer 2016but has since been topped up again.. Governors at our school agreed a strategy for the funding and ‘Every Child a Swimmer’ was implemented. A Teaching Assistant was trained in the safe supervision of swimming and groups of approx 8 Yr2s are taken on two consecutive days to the High School pool for a 6 week block.  An additional weekend swim with the family has been strongly recommended to parents. The long term school impact will be measured in terms of all children exceeding the standard set by the government by the end of their primary education. Further strategies include hiring professional coaches in Tag Rugby and Tennis, to work alongside and up skill our current workforce. Dance and gymnastics too have been a shared strategy with our Arts provision, raising stamina and abilities in these Olympic disciplines.

What When Cost per block
Yr2 Swimming coaching.

2x morning sessions weekly for 6 weeks starting Spring Term 2014 and 2015

Pool not available for spring 2016

Transport £ 720Hiring of Pool £17.76Additional instructor approx. £150

KS2 Tag Rugby/Football/Athletics including professional development for staff.

Gymnastics and Dance








Impact of Sports Grant 2014/2015

‘Every Yr2 Child a Swimmer’ – All children either became a swimmer of at least 5 m including confidence to swim underwater or improved their competency. Some children exceeded the end of KS2expectation of 25metres.

Dance – The evidence collected is that all children who received specialist teaching benefited from the provision. Some children who exceeded expectations for PE did so for dance.

Invasion SportsBoth members of staff who were upskilled have moved from the school but two new members are being trained in 2016 2017