Pupil Premium

Children from low income families generate a government grant for schools called the Pupil Premium. This is ring fenced to spend on closing any gaps in attainment between children from these families and their peers. The grant also extends to children who at any time during their schooling have generated this income for schools. All of these children receive a free school meal beyond the YrR to Yr2 Universal Free School Meals.

Pupil Premium Spending 2015/2016


At the end of KS2, children in receipt of PP grant have consistently attained SATs results in line or above national standards. The gap is non-existent.

Rationale for spending

Our KS2 evidence is that children who generate the PP grant do as well if not better than other children. This has encouraged us to continue with our bespoke response to what is a small number of children across the 7 years. This year there are no recognisable gaps in attainment at KS2 and we are expecting these children will be at or well above the national age related expectations in the summer of 2016.

The school provides good teaching and TA support for classes but the governors have made the decision to provide an extra teacher for 1.75hours each morning and create an additional teaching space to allow smaller teaching and learning groups specifically in classes where pupils in receipt of the grant need additional support to close any gap. The additional teacher also provides 1:2 interventions for Pupil Premium Children. This is for short focussed sessions over a half term/full term. It is planned to enable all Pupil Premium children to access this support at some time during the year, according to need.

Finally our inclusive approach is supported by the temporary employment of additional Teaching Assistants who enable the teacher to focus on raising attainment and narrowing any gaps children may have.

The grant money also enables us to contribute to experiences that may otherwise not be available to our youngsters. These include Family Learning opportunities to London, participation in Sports Clubs and out of school Swimming Sessions.

September 2016 Update

What? When? Cost
1-1  Early language and number development. 1:2 work with a teacher for children. (Pupil Premium) 3x each week  Approx  £800 each  term
Additional Teaching Assistant hours within the class 11hours weekly £4544
Additional teacher for smaller group sizes for some classes with PP children. Daily, September 2016 to July 2017 1.75hrs daily £10,000
Additional teacher to support in lieu of Teaching assistant September 2016 to July 2017 1.75hrs  4 x each week



Total 17, 144

Narrowing the experiential gap. Weekly opportunities for football/dance/ballet. One week intensive swimming instruction. One week outdoor residential contribution. Small numbers may identify children therefore this information is withheld.