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We are a small, vibrant and creative school with a large purpose built modern building. Our rural school grounds are extensive and beautiful, offering an idyllic primary education for our happy pupils.


< December 2018 >
Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
          1 2
3 4 5 6 7C1 Stay and Play all day
8 9
10Reception height, vision and hearing check all day
11 12Panto 2pm all day
13Panto 7pm all day
KS1 Nativity dress rehearsal to school 9.30 all day
Christmas dinner all day
149.30 KS1 Nativity dress rehearsal to parents all day
Panto 7pm all day
15 16
17Christmas fayre 2-5pm all day
11am Children’s Christmas Talent Show all day
18End of Autumn Term – Happy Christmas! all day
p.m Christmas Carols Assembly all day
Christmas Jumper Day all day
Class Christmas parties all day
19Christmas Holiday all day
INSET all day
20Christmas Holiday all day
21Christmas Holiday all day
22Christmas Holiday all day
23Christmas Holiday all day
24Christmas Holiday all day
25Christmas Holiday all day
26Christmas Holiday all day
27Christmas Holiday all day
28Christmas Holiday all day
29Christmas Holiday all day
30Christmas Holiday all day
31Christmas Holiday all day

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